Emergency Software

Malwarebytes: Removes malware and spyware. Download this NOW and run it, then update it and run it monthly, or when you think you might have a problem.

Advanced SystemCare: A great, one-click program to keep your computer running smoothly. It removes spyware and adware, prevents security threats, enhances privacy protection, fixes registry errors, cleans temporary files, optimizes startup, repairs Windows, and speeds up your system. Update and run weekly, or if your machine slows.


Windows Update: Microsoft continually issues "critical updates" to fix its Windows operating systems. Frequently updating your Windows will help prevent viruses and other problems. (It's best to set this to run automatically at a time your computer is usually on)

CNET TechTracker: Having current versions of programs keeps your computer safer. This program scans your computer and tells you what software is out of date and lets you immediately download an update. (use your FB login or create a member login)

Antivirus Programs: If you have a service that you are happy with, keep it updated and run its scan weekly.

AVG Antivirus: FREE

Avast Antivirus: FREE

Avira Antivirus: FREE

Upgrade Your Hardware

Crucial Ram Memory Upgrade Advisor: Use this site to see if you can add RAM to your computer. Adding RAM is the best way to improve speed and reliability. It can also decrease wear and tear on your Hard Drive. (I like the scanner tool.)

Add a Video Card

Update the Drivers on the Computer. Old drivers may cause certain applications to not run correctly, or may have bugs that have been fixed in later releases. Drivers should be checked for updates at least twice a year.

Other Useful Software

Firefox Browser: Faster, less prone to viruses and malware than Explorer. It includes an easy way to import your bookmarks/favorites.

Thunderbird Email: This program replaces Outlook and includes a simple way to import your emails, adresses and settings. This program includes anti spam and malware software, making it safer to use than Outlook.

Java Update: Keeping your Java up to date can help prevent Browser Hijacking. (Click on "DO I HAVE JAVA?")

Flash Update: Keeping your Flash up to date can help prevent Browser Hijacking and will keep sites like YouTube work properly. (You can download and run the McAffee Security Scan, but I wouldn't bother)

Adobe Reader: To read pdf files. (You can download and run the McAffee Security Scan, but I wouldn't bother)

VLC Media PLayer: This will play any sort of media you are likely to find.

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Bandwidth Speed Test: How fast is your internet connection? Maybe it's your connection, not your computer!

*Mr. Bruce makes no promises regarding the use of these programs. Download and use at your own risk. Read the directions. If you are unsure, use their default settings.

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